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The Gibbon Experience, Laos

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The Gibbons Experience is a unique adventure located near the tri-border of Laos, Thailand…
Local Fiji

A Local Side To Fiji

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Fiji is a group of tropical islands best known for its white-sand beaches, turquoise…

Join me on the journey!​

My idea of travel is seeing the unusual side of a place and having amazing experiences. Yes, I’ll do the usual touristy things like go see the Eifel Tower but I’d prefer to sleep in the world’s tallest treehouses, go to a nightclub in a cave, swim with sharks or just stay in a small village with the locals. 

Something great about traveling is the more you do it the more you hear about what else is out there. I love hearing about new places or awesome activities so if you’ve got something cool where you live send me a message telling me about it. I’ll add it it to my (long) list of places to visit.

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